Fishing Models

A Multihull Will Change the Way You Fish

Any serious angler will tell you, there are a million factors at play at any given moment that can turn the day from a success to a skunkfest and back. It’s only those who control what they can that make their own luck, and fishing on an Aspen Power Catamaran puts many more of those factors in your hands.

Think about it: How many times have you hooked a big one in rough conditions only to have the movement of the boat cause you to lose the fish? Or you were thinking about fuel rather than trolling speed and pulled the spread away from a hunting marlin? Even casual angler can find success thanks to the same fishing benefits.

aspen catamaran hull stability

Hull Stability

Keep your feet for the catch of a lifetime, even in sporty conditions.

aspen catamaran spacious cockpit

Spacious Cockpit

Plenty of elbow room for a team of committed anglers to boat a bunch.

Efficient Cruising

Go where the fish are, and don’t worry about running out of fuel on the way home.

Comfort Features

Everyone fishes better with access to a good breakfast, a fresh lunch, and cold drinks.