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Find The Right Aspen Model To Suit Your Boating Needs

Once we hit upon the combination of performance and efficiency with our proa hull design, we thought about ways to make the most of its numerous benefits to appeal to a wide range of boat buyers. What’s the best way to do that? Create a variety of models that offer the long list of choices boaters want to see. Our model range presents boaters and cruisers with a selection of boats ranging from engine types, to deck configuration, even trailerable and flybridge models. Have a look at our range of models and give some consideration to the way the boat will be used most often, then explore the choices based on those priorities.

Figure Out Which Engine Type Is the Best Choice

Engine choice is key with Aspen Power Catamarans, and that’s because we treat engine specification and install differently than any other boatbuilder? That’s because our asymmetrical hull design allows for power choices that would be considered unbalanced on pretty much any boat, be it monohull or catamaran, that uses more common design.

Diesel Engines Offer Singular Robust Efficiency

Diesel engines have long been chosen for their excellent power and efficiency, as well as robust construction for long-term service. With the proa hull design, our inboard-powered boats only require a single engine, positioned in the larger, starboard hull.

Aspen Power Catamarans Diesel
Aspen Catamarans Outboards

Outboard Power Takes It to the Next Level

Many boaters like the familiarity of a boat powered by outboards, which offer responsive power and clean, quiet four-stroke operation. Our design allows for a different configuration than most have seen before, making the most of our asymmetrical design while requiring less horsepower—and less engine weight.

The Advantages of an Inboard Engine on a Cruising Boat

When an Aspen Power Catamaran is configured with an inboard engine, a few different benefits come into play, all at once. Because of the proa design, only a single engine is required, in the larger, starboard hull. This reduces the need for another engine obviously, saving the weight of the engine, the weight of robust construction needed in a properly designed engine bed, the weight of the additional fuel capacity, including the fuel, and more.

Aspen Catamaran Cruising
aspen catamaran outboard advantages

Outboard Advantages Continue to Grow

An Aspen Power Catamaran equipped with outboard motors is, for many boaters, the ultimate confluence of a great many advances in design. Outboard motors harken back to the earliest memories of power boating for many, yet their new versions are far more powerful, efficient, quiet, and, in a word better than what came before. It’s no wonder they match the Aspen proa hull design so well.

Choose the Best Configuration

As boaters gain more and more experience, they’re able to make decisions based on how they really use their boats, rather than just how they wish they used them. Decisions regarding deck space and layout, amenities such as heads and galleys, accommodations, helm position, and more all are worth careful consideration.

Aspen Catamaran Cruising
aspen catamaran flybridge

Flybridge Models Provide Cruisers with All-Around Views

If you think you’ll cruise long distances and would benefit from a raised vantage point for navigation, then the flybridge models may be a good choice for you. The flybridge is especially appealing in good conditions and offers additional seating, doubling as another gathering spot for friends and family.

Express Cruisers Offer Cruising Comfort

An express layout puts everything a cruising couple or family needs within easy reach. Line-handling duties are shared, as is time aboard. Plus cruisers don’t have to worry about air draft and other concerns that cruisers in other configurations must take into account.

Aspen Catamaran Cruising
aspen catamarans center consoles

Center Consoles Get Friends and Family Together

Center consoles hold appeal to certain boaters, and for good reason: All that open space, for one thing. Also, they’re easy to care for and enjoy, if they’re designed and built properly. For many boaters a center console design delivers everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

The Way Boaters Use Their Boats Is the Key to Finding the Right One

Anyone that’s serious about buying a boat should think about the ways they will really use it. Consider the amount of time available to spend on the yacht, and also the friends and family who will be invited along. Trying to adapt a boat built specifically for one purpose to another can be done, but it’s easier and more fulfilling to buy the proper boat.

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catamaran cruising

Coastal Cruisers Will Find an Aspen to Be the Best Choice

With a stable, seaworthy hull ready to take on a wide range of sea conditions, Aspen Power Catamrans can keep a coastal cruising couple or family right on schedule and in comfort, while the efficiency of the proa hull design and diesel or outboard engine configurations keep the cruise on time and within the budget.

Small Catamarans Compare Very Positively with Monohulls of Similar Size

Anyone who has opened their mind to the idea of a multihull power boat should give thoughtful consideration to the groundbreaking Aspen Power Catamaran with its asymmetrical proa design. The advantages for cruisers, and indeed, boaters of every stripe, are numerous and compelling. From deck space to stability, efficiency to seakeeping to performance, small catamaran boats have many attributes to offer.

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Aspen fishing models

Fishing Is a Natural Use for the Aspen Power Catamaran

Anglers are a very focused type of boat owner and many of the traits that Aspens bring to the fishing grounds make them the obvious choice. Deck space is just a start. A platform that is stable and offers predictable movement is better for any kind of fishing whether drift fishing, anchoring, or trolling. And speaking of trolling, Aspen’s proa hull saves fuel as it runs at optimal speed to keep the spread in the strike zone.