Flybridge Models

Flybridge Models Raise the Level of Your Cruising Life

Cruisers who have had flybridge boats understand the benefits intimately, and it’s more than just the wind in their hair. The truth is a flybridge provides many important functions for cruisers in all kinds of conditions.

Safety Considerations Add to the Appeal of a Flybridge

For one thing, a boater who takes the helm on the flybridge has unobstructed all-around views.

Aspen Catamaran flybridge

In tight spots or heavily trafficked areas, or in areas where boats of all sizes and maybe even people on rafts, kayaks, or SUPs, or even swimming in the water could present safety hazards. Consider trying to navigate out of a popular anchorage in high season. Responsible captains know the importance of avoiding contact and giving a wide berth to these unpredictable vessels, and the flybridge gives them the vantage point to do just that.

Also, navigating a narrow channel can be a challenge from the main-deck helm station. The angle of the lower helm at certain times of day presents glare from the surface of the water, plus the sunlight playing on the windshield, and may make it more difficult to see the channel edges beneath the surface and even aids to navigation in some instances. The higher sightlines of the helm on the flybridge often present a better option and a better view of the situation.

flybridge on an aspen catamaran

A Flybridge Can Make a Boat More Fun to Own

Add to that, the fact is a flybridge adds more usable space to the boat. Family and friends who like to join the captain get a seat right by the helm and can enjoy the most spectacular sea views and the best conversation. Many a novice falls in love with boating and the sea on the flying bridge, and the wealth of fresh air and sunshine up there in the unobstructed breeze ensures folks have a great day.

Last, it is also about the wind in your hair! You own a great boat and you deserve to enjoy it and get out there. Knowledgeable boaters know: There are few feelings that compare with running a boat at speed from the flybridge.

Here Are the Aspen Model Available with a Flybridge