Factory Tour

Take a Factory Tour and Get to Know Our Cruisers from the Inside Out

Understanding how our boats go together will let prospective owners have the full picture of what our boats have to offer. We believe in inventive design, where true innovation means performance, stability, efficiency and comfort that combine to set our boats apart. But we also pay attention to the details that mean our boats will be robustly constructed, and sturdy enough to protect those aboard from damage caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Get to Know What Goes into Our Boats and You Won’t Look at an Aspen the Same Way Ever Again

aspen catamarans wiring

Our rigging is smart and seamanlike. If anything goes wrong, it’s easy to spot the problem and sort out a solution. Wiring that’s laid out like this, with easy-to-identify components makes a big difference. After all, cruisers are their own first line of defense for troubleshooting and problem solving.

kevlar safety

Kevlar reinforcements at the forefoot of both hulls adds durability, and helps to insure that a potentially fiberglass-crunching crash into a submerged rock or obstacle doesn’t create a life-threatening situation.


The underside of each hull along the keel are also overbuilt to add a measure of protection and prevent excessive water intrusion should the outer layers be compromised.


Should the hull be breached, watertight compartments on both hulls contain the flooding, allowing flotation and extra time for the boat to carry its owner and guests to safety with ease.