Coastal Cruisers

All the Attributes That Make Sense for Coastal Cruisers in One Boat

Boaters who enjoy coastal cruising have very specific needs for their boats. Often they find boat models that have some of the traits they’re after, yet are sorely lacking in others. Depending on where they do their coastal cruising, these attributes can be nice options to have, or turn into downright dealbreakers. At Aspen Power Catamarans, we understand the coastal cruising mindset, and have included many of the features that this specialized type of cruiser considers to be important. One thing is for certain: If a boater ever plucked up the courage to take their boat farther than they ever have before, it will be on an Aspen Power Catamaran, where the ride, performance, and stability combine for altogether enjoyable days on the water.

Coastal Cruiser Features That Make Sense

aspen coastal cruising cockpit

Spacious Cockpit

Best to meet new friends and welcome guests aboard.

aspen interior comfort

Comfortable Accommodations

A good night’s sleep aboard is hard to beat.

stable hull

Stable Hull Design

Cruising along the coast sometimes means confused seas and shifting currents.

efficient hull

Efficient Operation

Go farther with less fuel thanks to the slippery, patented proa hull design.

useful galley

Useful Galley

Convenient to the dinette, the cockpit, and the helm, the galley makes for delicious cruising.

companionable seating

Companionable Seating

First mates and best friends get to share the view and the ride in comfort.

substantial range

Substantial Range

An Aspen will take you as far as you want to go.

room for visitors

Room For Visitors

Welcome aboard a guest for the night or bring a friend.

aspen catamaran beauty

Good Looks on the Dock or at Anchor

There’s no disputing it: This is a good-looking multihull boat, if we do say so ourselves.

Coastal Cruisers Like These Aspen Models Deliver the Experience