Check out our inventory of pre-owned aspen power catamarans and other cruising yachts

Aspen Power Catamarans builds and sells new boats with a patented, groundbreaking proa hull design. Our owners enjoy their boats and take good care of them, but sometimes they want a different boat to accommodate changed circumstances—think better range for longer cruises or a different layout to carry more friends and family comfortably. They contact us for their new boat, but they also ask if we can take their current boat in trade.

Keeping Their Value: Aspen’s Maintain High Resale Value

Buying an Aspen (new or used) is an investment, thanks to one of the highest resale values in the industry. It’s no wonder then, that we often see trades of good cruising boats from other manufacturers. Have confidence in buying an Aspen that the value of these cruising multihulls holds up over time.

Pre-owned boat listings

Let Aspen help you get into your next boat. We’re confident that, after working with us and getting to know our brand better, you’ll have your eye on an Aspen in the near future. Have a look at our listings below, and contact us for more information or to schedule a viewing.

Aspen 2014 C100

2014 Aspen C100

Aspen C108

2021 Aspen C108

Aspen 2020 C120

2022 Aspen C120

Aspen C107

2020 Aspen C107

Aspen C107

2019 Aspen C107

2020 Sailfish 320 EXP

2020 Sailfish 320 EXP

Aspen C30CB

2016 Cutwater C30 CB

$239,500 (Sold)
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2008 Glacier Bay 3070

$139,000 (Sold)
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2007 Glacier Bay 3480

$169,900 (Sold)
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Ranger Tug R-27

2015 Ranger Tug R-27

$149,950 (Sold)
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Ranger Tug R-27

2018 Ranger Tug R-27

$172,000 (Sold)
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