Factory Direct Sales

Factory Direct Sales Means a Better Boat-Ownership Experience

We’ve all heard about boatbuilders that sell “factory direct” to consumers, but what does it really mean?

We can’t speak for other builders, but we can say that Aspen is a true factory direct manufacturer. Our boats are manufactured here in Burlington, Washington. That means the hulls are laid up here, the equipment is installed here, our customers come here to see the facilities before and during construction of their boat, and we sell the boats from here.

aspen catamaran on a boat lift

Our buyers know what they’re looking for, and most of them end up buying from us because they have done the research and understand exactly what they’re getting. With other builders buyers are stuck with reviewing inventory boats and feel compelled to buy what they have available. In contrast our buyers most often spec their boats and have them built to order especially for them.

Watch Your Boat Get Built the Way You Want

Aspen bow

At Aspen we understand that buying a boat and having it built is part of the experience. And it’s a personal experience, another aspect of the boat-buying journey that many couples and families choose to share together. To that end, we welcome our owners to come and see their boats come together at our factory.

aspen catamaran built to spec

Because we build your boat to your spec, you get just the boat you want. Seeing it take shape, from hull color to upholstery, to the equipment you have chosen, can be a very gratifying experience. And meeting the craftsman who are building your boat, and seeing them in action as the boat takes shape from visit to visit lets you understand what makes your boat special. It’s just as special to us as it will be for you.

aspen solar panels

Best of all, you have the support of our sales and service team, so you will have the confidence to use your boat to its full capability. And if you need insight or advice on taking care of your new Aspen, our experienced team is with you.

See How Aspens Are Built on a Factory Tour

aspen factory build

Get the full picture of our designs and how our boats are constructed. Many boat buyers make a decision after seeing how we build our boat. See for yourself on a factory tour. Contact us today to set up a tour of your own.

Factory Service Maintains Your Boat the Right Way

aspen factory build

Aspen Power Catamarans are unique boats that are built to our high standards. They keep their value better than other brands, and are worth the investment. Let our factory service keep up your Aspen too.