Center Consoles

Get Friends and Family Together on a Center Console

With wide-open deck space and all-around, unobstructed views, center consoles hold a lot of appeal for day boaters. It’s no wonder the designs have come on strong lately. A center console can almost be like an epiphany for boaters who long enjoyed express boats and motoryachts: They have everything a boating family needs to enjoy long days on the water cruising, visiting a sandbar, fishing, or all of the above. Our center consoles are a cut above because they’re built on our patented proa hull design. The models in this category benefit from reduced superstructure and decks, giving these boats a low center of gravity and reduced weight, resulting in responsive performance and acceleration, plus the benefits of trailering.

Center Consoles Have Many Attributes That Boaters Desire

For many boaters a center console design delivers everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Aspen Catamaran Center Console
aspen coastal cruising cockpit

A large seating area in the bow allows for the group to gather in comfort.

aspen interior comfort

Center consoles are synonymous now with outboard power these days, but available inboard power makes for a clean transom and a refined look.

proa hull

The proa hull provides stability and efficiency.

fishing center console

Fishermen prefer to have full access to the rail all the way around the boat, to take the fight to the fish.

center console head

A head compartment belowdecks allows for comfort for long days aboard.

Multihulls can offer excellent deck space, but just like any boat, good design makes a big difference.

Here Are the Aspen Center Console Models