Diesel Engines and Inboard Engines

Diesel Inboard Power Is Even Better in an Aspen Power Catamaran

Cruisers who are looking to up their game and take on ocean passages have long turned to diesel inboard engines. The engines have plenty of appeal thanks to their fuel efficiency and reliable power. The Aspen proa hull design makes the choice that much better because our asymmetrical hulls slip through the water easily. The larger starboard hull contains a single diesel engine and has a keel, prop, and rudder. The thinner port hull without an engine is unencumbered and the reduced weight and appendage drag allows it to slip through the water more easily. This set up maximizes fuel efficiency and range by allowing a larger vessel to be powered effectively using a single diesel. Inboard powered Aspens deliver trawler like fuel economy at higher speeds.

Why Are Inboard Engines Standard Equipment on Many Cruising Boats?

Inboard engines are traditional and conventional, but the relative simplicity and durability of the install is hard to beat.

diesel inboard catamaran

Shaft drive has the benefit of delivering the lift inherent in a carefully considered shaft angle, while an inboard engine is easy to inspect regularly to head off problems. Inboard engines also allow simplified maintenance and all-around access, as well as being relatively protected from the elements.

When an Aspen Power Catamaran is configured with an inboard engine, a few different benefits come into play. Because of the proa design, only a single engine is required, in the larger, starboard hull. This reduces the need for another engine, saving the weight of the engine and reducing appendage drag by having only a single set of running gear (prop, shaft rudder and strut). Additional efficiencies are gained by eliminating the space required and construction weight needed to rig a second engine and by eliminating additional fuel capacity to run multiple engines. Inboard engines also simplify maintenance and are protected from the elements.

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For Rugged and Reliable Diesel Is a Clear Choice

Diesel engines have many qualities that appeal to people who use their boats for cruising long distances, and often find themselves in remote areas or making bluewater passages. That’s because diesel power and long stretches of efficient, reliable service go hand in hand. As technology has evolved, diesel engines have improved their efficiency and operate more cleanly than ever before.

When an Aspen Power Catamaran is configured with a diesel engine, an owner sees numerous benefits. For one thing, resale value stays strong. Many boaters don’t think about resale value until they think about upgrading, but the smart boat owners look at this metric long before that as a way of ensuring they will be able to get the real upgrade they want—a boat that keeps its value lets a boater consider a wider range of possible updates down the road.

Here Are the Aspen Models Available with Diesel and Inboard Power