The Multifunctional Result Of Better Design

The patented Aspen proa design with its asymmetrical hulls provides many benefits to those who want to spend time on the water, it’s a natural fit for those looking for a Swiss Army knife of a boat, with many functions easily managed in the same package. It’s no wonder that many consider the proa to be the best combination fishing and cruising boat.

For the designers, the efficiency was the first noticeable aspect of the design, since the smaller of the two hulls has roughly half the drag of the large hull, thanks to fluid dynamics. Stability is another factor that can make or break a day chasing the fish, and our multihull design makes it easy to enjoy fishing in rough conditions with a consistent, predictable hull movement. Speed is a factor in everyone’s enjoyment of a boat, whether it’s the thrill of a fast run up the coast or a quick jaunt offshore.