Aspen Power Catamaran Benefits

Benefits Come from True Innovation

Experienced boaters hear about innovation all the time, and sometimes it is more hype than an actual true advantage. That is where Aspen stands apart. We don’t just talk about the innovation of our patented proa hull design we demonstrate its numerous advantages in real boating conditions. The benefits of our hull form proves itself on the water, and no monohull design or symmetrical catamaran hull can deliver the same combination of performance, efficiency, onboard space, smooth ride, and affordability.


Reinventing Multihulls for a Wide Range of Speed

Speed is a factor in boating, there’s no denying it. We all ask the question soon after we begin boating, “How fast will she go?” While for any boat, the answer is always dependent on a number of factors, the truth is, “as fast as she needs to go” is usually the best answer. But factor in that fuel burn and you’ve got the fastest path to enjoyment.

Reinventing Multihulls for a Wide Range of Speed

Trailering a Multihull Was Never This Simple

So many cruising boaters consider haulout and storage to be built-in costs for participating in the sport. It doesn’t have to be that way. A boat that sits on her own trailer is easier to care for, simpler to move around, store, and launch. Rather than being beholden to an overwhelmed service department, a trailer lets a boater be more hands-on in all aspects of ownership, maintenance, and storage.

Fuel Efficient Hull

Fuel Efficiency Means More Time Aboard

Big contributing factors to fuel burn on many boats, be they monohulls or multifhulls, go-fasts or slow cruisers, are weight and wetted surface and appendage drag. Others just add more horsepower (and engine weight and fuel weight and equipment weight and appendages and… so on and so on). We approach this another way, with a hull that slips its way through the surface.

Engine Choices That Make Perfect Sense

When Aspen created its patented proa hull with an asymmetrical design, it made sense to amplify the benefit by thinking differently about the power choices as well. When all was said and done, we figured out the benefits of a single inboard diesel engine would increase the efficiency and lengthen the available range. And then we turned our way of thinking to outboards.

aspen catamarans wiring

Aspen Construction Is Second to None

Aspen Power Catamarans are built to the highest standards by our experienced team led by our founder and president, Larry Graf, who is implementing his dream of building the ideal cruising boat. Learn more about what sets apart our fiberglass from the rest of the pack, how our electrical rigging exceeds the highest standards, and the details behind our machinery installation.

Our Deck Space and Interior Layouts Welcome Everyone Aboard

Our smart thinking extends to the design of our living spaces as well, and we’ve got everything figured out to maximize enjoyment. Our boats make the most of their length and beam dimensions to create comfortable spaces for friends and family to gather. Our boats have comparable onboard space to a monohull that’s 20 percent longer LOA, and at a price that’s much less expensive and more affordable to operate.