Aspen Reinvents Multihulls for a Wide Range of Speed

Speed is a factor in boating, there is no denying it. Many of us ask the question about a new boat we encounter, “How fast will she go?” While top speed is sometimes important when running from a storm, or if you need to get somewhere rapidly, fuel efficiency and performance when coupled with speed are often far more significant. The right combination of speed, and economy gets us to our destination safely and efficiently providing the fastest path to enjoyment.

Fast and Fun Cruising

Having a range of speed at your disposal adds to the experience of cruising. Our experienced team at Aspen understands that it’s not all about go-fast boats with roaring engines. Instead, it is about finding a comfortable speed that gets you and your crew where you need to go safely and comfortably, and if it happens to be a whole lot of fun, so much the better.

An Aspen is efficient across the entire range of speed. With our patented power proa hull, Aspens don’t plane, the hulls displace water. This means that they can be smoothly operated at any RPM as there is no hole to push out of. Aspens accelerate smoothly and evenly from idle up to top speed. They also do not have much of a speed penalty. Faster speeds are attained at reasonable gallons per hour burn rates and result in good miles per gallon performance, especially when compared to other vessels in their size range or that have comparable accommodations.

catamaran speed

Here a few benefits that a boat with a wide range of speed can offer to boaters:

First and foremost, speed is fun: It is a thrill to be able to push the throttles forward and feel the boat accelerate. Even better, the speed Aspen Power Catamarans provide comes with the benefits of our super-efficient patented proa hull. Aspens deliver speed smoothly and efficiently, so a fast cruise doesn’t break the bank.

Longer days aboard become possible: A boat that is capable of going faster can give you more time in a quiet anchorage or docked in a great harbor town you have never visited before. When the boat has some knots up her sleeve, you can stay later in the day without worrying about arriving back at your home dock after dark.

Run away from or around weather: Weather radar has gotten so much better and more accessible we are able to look at the bands of a rainstorm and figure out how to avoid them or find their narrowest point to ease their passing. With the ability to get the boat through the gap more quickly, you can leave the rain astern and enjoy the rainbow.

Speed gives you options to make your boating safer: A good turn of speed means you can avoid problems. Speed helps the boat run safely through currents and allows the boat to handle better even in a following sea or when traversing a challenging inlet or river bar. The ability to throttle up and run with the waves makes cruising safer and more comfortable even when conditions get a bit sporty.