Gas Engines and Outboards

Aspen Takes Outboards in New Directions

At Aspen we like to leverage the advantages of our unique patented proa hull design to augment the performance of our models and widen the gap with the rest of what is on the market today. Outboard power is an obvious choice since so many boaters are comfortable with the configuration and the engines have steadily improved year after year.

Outboard Benefits Meet Their Match in a Proa Platform

aspen catamaran outboards

Outboards have some great advantages. They provide punchy acceleration, are quieter, and more fuel efficient than ever, and come in a wide range of horsepower. Modern outboards provide clean and reliable performance and give their operators additional versatility. Outboard powered Aspens lack the keel that is on the inboard boats, so they have less draft. Not only does this allow them to perform in shallower waters but with the additional ability to tilt the engines up outboard powered Aspens can easily be beached.

The lighter weight of outboard engines also makes them ideal for trailering, so all outboard powered Aspens are trailerable. Trailerability means mobility which has benefits as outboard powered Aspens can be taken to service shops where outboards can be maintained and repaired eliminating the cost of mechanics’ travel time. Outboard engines are also easy to remove and replace which may allow Aspen owners to adopt new technologies that may become available in the future.

While Aspens are designed to run on both engines simultaneously, they can also be run on one engine. The most common use for this is to run only the smaller engine when slow speed trolling. In case of emergency, or a single engine breakdown, either engine can power the boat by itself. Our research has shown that leaving both motors in the water even when only one is running improves tracking, so it is just a matter of turning on the engine you want to use.

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