Let Aspen Inspire You to Take the Adventure of a Lifetime

Cruising to far-flung destinations, and figuring out the details and logistics, these are the stories we create in our heads and then make into reality. Adventure is a necessary aspect of boat ownership, but it’s our own expectations that determine the scale—it’s purely subjective.

Look to Larry Graf and our crew and owners to be inspired, and then create your own adventures. You’ll be glad you did.

10k mile tour in a aspen catamaran

10,000-Mile Tour

The owners of a brand new C120 delivered their new 40 footer on a journey of epic proportions, taking the C120, Knot Wafflen’, 10,502 miles from the Pacific Northwest to Annapolis, MD.

aspen power catamaran boat launch

Arctic Adventure

The Aspen Arctic Adventure pushes the envelope of any prior trip, and adds a whole new level of thrill and adventure.

Aspen pacific adventure

Pacific Challenge

Founder Larry Graf and his son Nick, along with Dave Bonar of Bosun’s Yacht Sales, took an Aspen C100 on a nonstop unrefueled voyage to circumnavigate Vancouver Island.