Aspen Yachts is gearing up for the Seattle Boat Show with an impressive lineup, featuring two cruisers (C108 and C100) and 3 Carbon Cats at the Lumen Field Event Center, as well as two cruisers, a C120 and 2 Carbon Cats at Bell Harbor Marina. Demonstration rides for severe buyers will be conducted from Bell Harbor, conveniently accessible via a free shuttle from the convention center. Special show hours are detailed for both locations.

The newsletter emphasizes a unique opportunity for current owners to move up, offering substantial discounts on new cruisers and yachts during the Seattle show. Owners looking to upgrade from C100-C107-C108 receive $18,000 toward options, while yacht buyers receive $28,000.

The update provides insights into Aspen’s holiday celebrations, sharing the team’s festive traditions. It reflects on the success of 2022, focuses on production stability in 2023, and discusses staffing challenges. Production updates for Carbon Cats, davit designs, and the forthcoming C120 Carbon Hardtop are detailed.

The newsletter also previews Aspen’s 2023 adventures, including the June cruise in Everett and the Big Trip North to the Broughtons. Plans for a potential Alaska trip in 2023 are outlined, inviting interested participants. Service news addresses water-related issues in boats, emphasizing the importance of regular inspections. A Southeast Service Trip with Brandon is also planned for early March, covering multiple stops from Lauderdale and northward. Read the full newsletter here.