The Fall Newsletter for 2023 highlights Aspen’s bustling activities, including owner events, new models, and options. The Annapolis Powerboat Show featured Aspen’s C120 and C107, with positive feedback on their performance in choppy waters. The newsletter mentions the availability of pre-owned C120s and C100s, providing more options for buyers.

The T11 Center Console debuted at the Seattle Boats Afloat show, selling multiple Aspens and Carbon Cats. The upcoming Seattle Boat Show in February is anticipated, with Aspen showcasing its models. The newsletter also mentions the annual holiday celebration at Aspen’s headquarters and provides updates on owners completing the Great Loop, including Jim and Gee on True North and Aubrey and Terri on Shorebilly Too.

Summer cruises, such as the Broughtons Owners Cruise, are detailed, and the newsletter introduces new options like the Carbon Fiber Hardtop and Lithium Battery Bank. New owners Jeff and Lynda (C108) and Colin and Natalie (L107 CLX) are welcomed, and an editorial and boat review are included.

Service updates cover improvements to the C120 transom gate and advice on toilet macerator pump/hose blockage. Read the full newsletter.