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The Aspen Story
Meet the Team

The FUTURE of Boating

At Aspen, we push the frontier for mid-range cruisers.
Few boats are so uniquely qualified to take a family
as comfortably and as economically as the Aspen.

With Aspen you get:

  • Unparalleled fuel economy
  • Comfortable and safe ride
  • Solidly built boats, built with quality materials
  • Spacious accommodations
  • Treated like family

The Patented Power Proa Hull offers the softest ride, best fuel economy and accommodations of her class. Aspen’s robust hull is designed to slice through heavy seas without hesitation and to track; as if on rails. Her high catamaran tunnel provides extraordinary seaworthiness and stability, which contributes to her dry ride. But above all seriousness of purpose, there is a wonderfully romantic, emotional element to the boat that strongly attracts, in a no-nonsense way.

Larry Graf, founder of Glacier Bay Catamarans in 1987, founded Aspen Power Catamarans in 2008 when he developed a new revolutionary patented hull design (Power Proa) and drive system for power catamarans. The hulls, while identical in profile, are very different in plan view with one being 35% thinner. The non-symmetrical hulls are shaped to compensate for the offset thrust and torque, and since both forces are proportional to speed and thrust, the boat runs straight. Additionally, it has only one engine, shaft, prop, and keel reducing appendage drag 20%. The combination of new hull design and reduced appendage drag increases efficiency as much as 70% over mono hulls. In October 2014, the hull design was judged as the best multi hull in the world in the 30- to 39-foot category by the AIM Marine Group Editors.

We currently offer this fuel efficient cruiser in a 28′ and 32′, and 40′. The Aspen is also equipped with solar panels, capable of recharging batteries at the dock or anchored. Our design team has more than 30 years in the development of the world’s best catamarans, so you can be confident the construction details are just right. In many ways, Aspen is the perfect balance for the environment; comfortable and efficient, which all stems from solid engineering principles and creative innovation!

Welcome to the Family

Here at Aspen Power Catamarans, we have 5 family members involved in the business and currently 25 boat builders. We pour all of the core values that make a family strong into our business; respect, trust, honesty, loyalty and friendship, treating our owners no less. When you purchase a boat from us, you aren’t just buying a boat; you’re joining a team that has a passion for boating. We assist you in every aspect of your boat purchase, invite you to witness the building process through the various stages and when we deliver your boat, we spend two days training you on how to use and operate your vessel until you feel comfortable. As you take your boat out cruising on your own and questions arise, our Sales Manager, Nick Graf and Owner/CEO, Larry Graf are readily available to answer those questions or any concerns that you may have.

Larry Graf

Founder/Chief Designer
And Lead Adventurer

As many of you know, I have worked in the marine industry for more than 30 years. In 2007, I left Glacier Bay after 20 years, where I enjoyed every minute and every ounce of energy it took to build the world’s largest, power catamaran company. I have completed a number of open ocean adventures on Glacier Bay’s; including runs to Bermuda (728 miles), Siberia (256 miles), Midway Island (1364 miles), Alaska (2,700 miles) and many trips up the British Columbia Coast. On a professional level, I have also served on the National Marine Manufactures Association’s (NMMA) boat builder’s board and spearheaded projects for the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA).

My plan for Aspen is to leverage years of experience along with listening to my owner’s dreams into the next big step forward – to design and build a new line of smart adventure yachts 28 through 40 feet.

The technical goal of Aspen is to push the frontier for mid-range cruising fuel efficiency, for roomy comfortable accommodations, as well as ease of handling for a cruising couple. You may have noted our hull and power plan are unique in the marine field. For many builders, convention is essential. In my professional career, I have always had a passion for and excelled at understanding today’s technology as well as envisioning the-next-step-forward, I.E. inventive-engineering. The Aspen hull configuration is a significant step that evolves from a proven and logical foundation. Current cats, especially Glacier Bays, perform exceptionally well on one engine. A typical 26-footer with twin 150’s will run hands free on one engine. The Aspen Power Cats engineering concepts start from this stage. Then, through patented pending hull configuration improvements, the expected symmetry and dynamic balance differences from drive hull to Proa’s hull are adjusted to neutral. The net affect for owners is a boat that drives and feels exceptional.

Proud delighted owners are key to any company’s growth. Today we have more than 35 Aspen owners who just love their boats. Our owners have cruised in Alaska, Desolation sound, The Florida Keys, The Bahamas, Mexico, Puget Sound and more. the design is solid and our quality is unmatched, as is our concern and care for owners during the build, training, and ownership.

Our initial production of C90 Cruisers and C100’s has produced one of the most satisfied owners groups in the marine industry. A whole new horizon of adventure has opened for Aspen owners and myself.

Hope to see you out on the water,


 Aspen Owner’s Cruising Club

Cruises, rendezvous’, and a fun group of owners to get to know! 

Every year, Aspen Power Catamarans organizes various events for our owners as a means to gather everyone to share cruising experiences, exchange ideas and meet the other owners/members of the Aspen family. One event we do is a 3 day rendezvous, typically held in June, where we cruise to different places in the greater Puget Sound area. In the past we’ve visited the San Juan Islands, Jarrell Cove on Harstine Island and Tacoma to the LeMay Car Museum and the Museum of Glass.   With the help and input of our owners, we also arrange a 1-2 week long cruise in late July/early August. This gives our owners a chance to comfortably cruise to areas that they ordinarily wouldn’t travel to on their own. Previous trips have been to Desolation Sound, the Broughton Islands, San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands and Vancouver, BC. The long cruises have proven to be an excellent learning and bonding experience. Lastly, we throw a fabulous Christmas party that Larry Graf and his wife, Cathy, host at their home.

Thank you for taking to the time to visit our website, we hope to get the opportunity to talk with you further about our boats!