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Follow the 40′ Aspen C120 on the 10,000 Mile Tour from the Pacific Northwest to South East Alaska, down to the Sea of Cortez, and up the eastern seaboard to Annapolis, MD.

Elegant. Swift. Efficient.

Aspen’s patented Power Proa hull offers the softest ride, best fuel economy and accommodations of its class. The robust hull is designed to slice through heavy seas without hesitation and to track as if on rails. The high catamaran tunnel provides extraordinary sea worthiness, stability and a dry ride. All models are spacious and bright, with large galleys, comfortable dinette seating, dual helm seats and King mattress in the master berth. Designed by Larry Graf and his team of engineers with more than 30 years of combined catamaran design and boating experience, you can be confident that the construction and details are just right. We understand your goals in boating are adventure and comfort, without breaking your bank. Our Proa Hull design is the perfect balance between efficiency and comfort, so the sky’s the limit for our owners. It’s no surprise they use their Aspen’s more than any of their previously owned boats. When you purchase from Aspen Power Catamarans, you get much more than a boat. You get a lifestyle. Imagine.