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May 12,2015

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January 8, 2014



Glen Bruels - Chapter Two - May 2011

To who it may concern,

I am writing to express my wife Deb's and my gratitude and total satisfaction with the purchase and delivery of our Aspen C-90.

As new boaters, we were naturally intimidated about having to learn all the ins-and- outs of our new purchase - not to mention all the complexities of boating in general. The specter of having the keys tossed at us by a salesman as he beat a hasty retreat and then being left to fend for ourselves became a big issue for us in our purchase decision.

Then we met Larry and Nick Graf. From our first meeting, we felt totally comfortable and relaxed with them. It was clear that they were both passionate about boating - and wanted to share that passion with others. That passion was reflected in the design and construction of the C-90, with the goal to provide the best boating experience for the dollar spent. In the boat demos we did with Larry, the comfort, efficiency, and safety of the boat all came through. but more importantly, the pride of a "father" in his creation came through. This wasn't just selling a boat, it was finding a good home for one of his children.

This same attitude came through in the delivery and turnover of the C-90. I should note that we live on San Juan Island, WA. Shy of driving the boat over on the ferry, that meant "getting operational" and piloting the boat to the island. We met Larry in Anacortes and he spent the next two days with us, giving us the full immersion in the C-90 and boating in general. Larry is a very friendly and easy-going guy and that made the entire experience a lot of fun. Yes, we went through every system on the boat in gory detail, but learning why he chose a particular system over another (and its associated benefits) made what could have been a boring subject quite interesting. He also tailored the practical learning of the operation of the boat to meet our individual needs - all with the emphasis on having fun, exploring options, and enjoying the experience. Spending two nights in our home, Larry also took the time to show us some of the great cruising opportunities we have in our area and regaled us with stories of his experiences.

It was great getting to know Larry. By adding his personal touch to boat deliveries and organizing periodic owner cruises, it's clear that he wants to grow a network of friends - not just sell boats. we are proud to have joined that network. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.

Glen and Deb Bruels



July 9, 2012


I just finished a nice weeks cruise to Princess Louisa Inlet on the Aspen III, chartered from San Juan Yachting. My sons, 45, 53, 50 and myself all pretty good size guys Never had a room problem. The master suite allowed 2 of us to enjoy great sleeping conditions. My tallest son enjoyed the table/bed conversion as my youngest did the 1/4 berth. No issues. The most enjoyable part of the trip was the economy of cruising. We left Bellingham at first light and averaged 15 mph with a great fuel efficiency. The new Volvo is very quiet and efficient power unit. The seas were perfect for the entire trip until we returned, where Bellingham Bay was a mess. However, with proper use of the tabs and speed; the Aspen worked its way back to the dock. The beam rolling waves wanted to take it, but one just has to work the wheel and adjust the speed; but no issues. I have now spent 17 days aboard this vessel and will again plan a trip next year. It is very efficienty and a pleasure to be aboard.

Best to you,
Larry Kaminski


June 24, 2012


I am sitting at Backeddy Resort in Egmont B C with the Aspen Fun III at dock...this boat is great...last year I had the Aspen Fun with the other engine...the Volvo is great and excellent speed and fuel economy. I like that my adult sons and myself have enough berthing and room to have a great trip..Best to the way...finally got the hang of the tabs. Keep up the great work and someone needs me...this is a great vessel.

Capt'n Larry Kaminski


March 18, 2011

We received the following letter from a Glacier Bay customer regarding his boat surviving the tsunami in Hawaii. We thought we'd share this with you as the Aspen Power Cats are built stronger than what the Glacier Bay's were.  Cathy Graf

"Aloha Larry,

I'm sure you don't remember us, but my wife Debbie and I (along with our daughter) visited your facility in the summer of 2000, along with Dr. Robert Egan and his wife Gracie.

We conduct whale research in Hawaii (, and you helped us acquire our "dream" research vessel....our2640 Renegade.

We could not have been more pleased with your boat over these 10 matter what mother nature has dished our, our Glacier Bay was up to the task.

And then the worst happened....

While on the mainland for my Dad's funeral, we received text messages from folks across the country mentioning things like "we're sorry for you loss", and "our prayers are with you"...

And then, at 3:00 in the morning the next message read "we're so sorry for you as the tsunami approaches"...

That got my attention, as we had always pulled the boat in the past 2 tsunami events her in Hawaii...

But now I'm "naked"...3,000 miles away and I can't get our boat to safety...

And this tsunami means business with a 8.9 earthquake attached to it...

Desperate phone call to folks on Maui, there is no one to pull our boat to safety....

I expected to find nothing left, but a fellow researcher called to say it was still floating as the 9' tsunami waves hit the harbor over and over and over again.

After 6 hours of pounding, some very amazing friends were finally able to pull the boat from the harbor, and trailer it to safety....

What was even more amazing to me was the pictures that were sent to me in California. (below)

Upon viewing the images, it was clear that YOUR glacier Bay Cat destroyed the slip, but our boat received relatively minor damage (a bent rail and 2 scratches to the hull).

I immediately remembered you telling us in Monroe just how you had engineered the boat, with comments like "you can drive this thing on rocks and it will still hold together."

At the time, the bravado didn't really register...why would anyone care that you could drive this thing on rocks?!??

Well, now I know why...

We sure didn't plan on having our boat smashed by a tsunami, but your work speaks for itself.

Glad to see you're back building boats!

Our rail has been repaired, and we are looking forward to getting back out on the water (year37 for us), even if it is blowing to 30, with gusts to 55!

Take car Larry, and thanks for the great boat!


Mark Ferrari
Center for Whale Studies"


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                          Dock Damage   Only Rail Damage from Tsunami
dock damage raildamage


Note: You Have my permission to use any of my comments below as testimonial for any brochures, web site, feedback to San Juan Yachting, or anything else related to Aspen Power Catamarans.    Mike Miller - September 2010


I wanted to give you a summary of our Boat Experience on the C90 Aspen Power Cat, which we chartered from San Juan Yachting out of Bellingham.

Bottom line, after 11 days on the boat, it was everything we had hoped it would be after our short sea trial in Miami, where you had your boat for the Miami Boat show earlier this year. This boat was the best handling boat, I've ever ran, and that includes the last 2 boats I chartered (57' Carver, and 65' Horizon). I would even argue that it handled the seas better than those 2 much larger boats. Add to that, the incredible fuel efficiency - less than 5 gph at 14.1 knots. I also took it open to WOT for 3 minutes, and reached 21.1 knots (albeit I might have had a knot or two from flood tide in my favour)- not bad for a 28 ft. loaded up boat (2/3 fuel and full water) on a 150 hp Diesel!!!! Moreover, the view from both helm and co-pilots chairs thru the large windows, were far superior than any other yacht I've been in, which usually have at least 3 mullions.

Finally, the fit and finish, the bow AND stern thruster, the vacu-flush head, and the quiet fridge made this a very comfortable boat. Not to mention, that Didn't even have to give up the comfort of my King Size bed at home, as you have just a big of one in this boat - incredible! Now, if you could only figure out a shower for me - that one, just didn't fit my 6'2" body - maybe a curtain outside in the cockpit? (that is now an option check out photo on C90 page - Options)

Having said all of that, I have come constructive comments which are separated into 2 areas. One for the charter company, which I've passed along to Rick at San Juan, and that you've likely already reviewed and 1 for OUR future Aspen. (Good choice by the way, im picking San Juan Yachting - a first class bunch of people all the way!! Great experience, and believe me, we had some hiccups getting into Canada, being Canadians on a US flagged boat - they came thru in flying colors for sure!!)

You have a wonderful first boat in the C90, and if the future boats are as revolutionary as this one, you will be overwhelmed with demand I'm sure. Good luck and we'll be in touch soon to discuss our plans in person.


Mike Miller

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