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    This was sent to us from one of our future C120 owners. We thought it was such a great reference we had to share it!

    “If you’re like us, every time your anchor drops into the water and
    disappears, you wonder what happens. Does it flip around? Does it sink
    into the floor or does it grab something? What happens when the wind
    shifts? Does the anchor hold in the previously set position or does it
    move and reset?

    Intrigued by these question, Steve Goodwin from SV Panope set out to
    find answers. He experimented with rigging a float and GoPro camera to a
    dozen different anchors. Then he dropped each one on multiple types of
    sea floors with different scopes to see what happened. And “see” is the
    important part. He even went the further step of simulating 180 degree
    swings to record what each anchor does in that situation.

    Fair warning – starting along this video watching path will melt away
    hours of your time.

    Steve has made all of the videos available on a YouTube Channel. The
    latest, #56 in the series, is a compilation of many of the other videos.
    It will give you a great feel for the work he has done on this and can
    be seen here:

    From that video, subscribe to the SV Panope channel to be notified when
    new videos are submitted or to view the others in the series. There are
    more detailed videos for each type of anchor.

    This type of information collection and sharing is the essence of the
    boating community. Steve shows no bias for a particular type of anchor.
    The goal is collecting real information and showing the raw videos. What
    he has created is a valuable resource for all boaters. Thank you, Steve!”
    Newsletter from Active Captain.

    What are your anchoring experiences?

    Charles & Margaret Kotal
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    I’m always nervous about anchoring so any and all tips are welcome! -Margaret

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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